Saturday, June 12, 2010

Second Cup In Oliver Square

Location: 11640-104th Street, Oliver Square, Edmonton.

This urban cafe spot is one of my favorite places to meet with my clients and friends.  Besides great coffee, plenty of seats, free parking, and  free wireless internet, the service is second to none. 

In the morning, you will find most of the "coffee addicts" rushing in and out, still half a sleep on their way to the office or school. Others are quietly sitting and reading a newspaper or are plugged into the world of social media, surfing the net for a new idea or an old friend.  As the day unfolds, you may find an old man pushing a card full of empties, strolling slowly by the front entrance in search of another can.  While the staff are busy creating another latte, a couple of sharp dressed business men are talking loudly about their morning sales presentation while standing in line.  The place definitely has its own unique atmosphere and feel as many cafes have.  Stop by and check for yourself.

Thanks to Monique, Tanja, and Natayia for the awesome service!!!

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