Saturday, December 26, 2009

Downtown Edmonton Christmas Day

My family and I took a stroll in downtown Edmonton, on Christmas Day, to help digest the massive feasting over the last few days. Despite the chill, there were several other Edmontonians also taking in the beautiful light displays.  My children were fascinated with the live sheep at City Hall's Nativity Scene, and we all enjoyed the smooth ice and festive music.

We were awed by the size and sparkle of the Christmas Tree in Churchill Square. It was a great place for an impromptu snowball fight, initiated by my brother-in-law, George!!

Of course, no trip downtown would be complete without a trip to the Legislature.  There were more brave souls taking pictures there.  It is a great place for a walk, as most trees are lit up with different colours. 

I would definitely recommend bundling up, and going for a stroll in the evening.  Happy Holidays Edmonton!

Sincerely, Derek Hulewicz.

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