Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten reasons why it's time to sell your condo

On the lighter side:

1. You just got married and got the news of a third tenant coming into the picture. Your 600 square foot condo won't cut it anymore regardless what your single friends have to say about it.

2. You find that the condo fees keep rising yet the building's appearance doesn't seem to change and Bob, your current condo manager just got himself a new BMW.

3. You hear of new LRT station being built near by. You got excited, the value should go up. Sometime later, you realize that you live on the first floor and the railroad trucks are next to your window. Wonder why you look so pail and tired all the time.

4. You have just gave a loonie to the helpless guy standing in front of Tim Hortons and while walking home you noticed a new development sign. Finally, there will be a new condo complex built next to your building. As you get closer, you see the fine print that reads " Future Homeless Shelter "

5. A new neighbour just moved in next door. He looks pretty friendly and well dressed. Then you notice a sharp increase of visitors to his suite at all hours followed by a subsequent drug bast, Swat team and all.

6. You just won a lottery.

7. Your younger mooch brother just lost his job again and knows where you live.

8. The family of seven just moved in above you.

9. You live on the 12th floor and the elevator usualy breaks down on grocery day.

10. Your older brother also lost his job and also knows where you live.

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Alberta Oil Sands Investor Abroad said...

I love number 2! Condo fees are so often the make or break when selling. Why don't condo boards realize that??