Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Edmonton Oliver & Downtown Condo Statistics

The condo prices per sq.foot for Oliver and Downtown Edmonton have increased by 6% in March compared to February of 2009. There were 47 condos sold through MLS® under 500K with an average listing price of $243,995 and sold price of $233,160. The average sold price per sq.foot was $273.00, 11% decrease compared March of 2008. The average percentage ratio of listing to sold price was 95%.
Is the market going up ? It is most likely to early to tell based on a one month performance. The next couple months ahead should definitely give us a better picture.

See below graph: Average sold price per sq.foot Downtown and Oliver condos under 500K

Monthly number of Downtown and Oliver condos sold under 500K

Average days on market - Downtown & Oliver Edmonton condos under 500K

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