Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Schools in Oliver

10243 - 120 STREET

9844 - 110 STREET T5K1J2

10227 - 118 STREET T5K2V4

10231 - 120 STREET T5K2A4

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Garneau & Strathcona

Edmonton Garneau & Strathcona Real Estate Market Update

Are the prices of condos around University higher than Downtown Edmonton ? Well, let's look at the numbers:

Edmonton Strathcona & Garneau compared to Downtown & Oliver

Number of current listings: 74 / 372
Average size : 1034 sq.feet / 987 sq.feet
Average List Price: 322, 551 / 316,847
Avearge price per sq.foot: 320.81 / 317.15

Number of condos sold in the
last 90 days: 30 / 139
Average sold price: 265,945 / 251,675
Average sold price per sq.foot 278.52 / 271. 05
Average days on market 49 / 56
Average sold to list price 94% / 95 %
Based on the above numbers, Garneau and Strathcona condos were selling on average 5.37% higher that in Oliver and Downtown. It also took 7 days less to sell the condos in Garneau and Strathcona. ( all numbers based on the last 90 days sales )
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Downtown Edmonton Market Update

In the last two weeks, 23 condos under 500K have sold in Oliver and Downtown Edmonton.

The average list price - $254,872/$285 per sq.foot, 2.62% increase compared to first two weeks of March/09.

The average sold price - $244,872/275 per sq.foot, 3.19% increase from $237,071/$266 per sq.foot in March/09.

Sold-to-list price ratio - 96% compared to 95% first 14 days of March/09.

There was slight decrease in amount of condos sold under 500K in April 09, 23 compared to 26 last month's first two weeks, most likely due to Easter Holidays.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Edmonton Neighbourhoods: Westmount

Edmonton Westmount is an established west end residential neighbourhood located East of North Glenora and Glenora, and West of Queen May Park and Oliver. The south wedge of Westmount, also called Groat Estates, is overlooking the North Saskatchewan River and is near the Downtown core. 25% of Westmount residential homes and businesses were constructed prior to World War II. The additional 23% were built in 50's and 36% between 1961 and 1980. According to the 2005 municipal census, the most common type of residence in Westmount, are rented apartments and apartment condos . Single family detached homes account for 42% and Duplexes for another 3%. 54% are owner occupied and 46% are rented.

Westmount Real Estate

There are currently 49 homes and condos for sale in the neighbourhood.
23 are single detached homes ranging in price from $230,000 to $1,849,000 with an average size of 1714 sq.feet, average list price of $565,643, $330 per sq.foot. In the last 90 days, 14 homes have sold for an average price of $415,182, $292 per sq. foot and list price of $433,307. The average days-on-market was 57.
24 are apartment condos, ranging in price from $109,800 to $639,900 with an average listing price of $257,700, $250 per sq.foot. In the past three months, 11 units have sold for an average price of $212,318, 239 per sq.foot and list price of $224,672.

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"What is My Westmount Home Worth? Selling My Westmount Home"
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Edmonton Oliver & Downtown Condo Statistics

The condo prices per sq.foot for Oliver and Downtown Edmonton have increased by 6% in March compared to February of 2009. There were 47 condos sold through MLS® under 500K with an average listing price of $243,995 and sold price of $233,160. The average sold price per sq.foot was $273.00, 11% decrease compared March of 2008. The average percentage ratio of listing to sold price was 95%.
Is the market going up ? It is most likely to early to tell based on a one month performance. The next couple months ahead should definitely give us a better picture.

See below graph: Average sold price per sq.foot Downtown and Oliver condos under 500K

Monthly number of Downtown and Oliver condos sold under 500K

Average days on market - Downtown & Oliver Edmonton condos under 500K